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Inflatables for Your Party

Host one party for different purpose may need different preparation. But when host the fun parties, fun ideas can be shared. One of the cool party idea is to try the inflatable party. 1. Inflatables for Halloween party. Halloween party will need more extreme inflatables to scary and thrill your guests. The Halloween inflatable decoration [...]

Wedding Inflatable Products and Materials for It

Common arches, rainbow doors and other inflatable products in our life, need the certain water tightness requirements, so the fabric cloth is applied in them. The current north market of the inflatable products usually apply the more common old PVC (polyvinyl chloride) adhesive layer inflatable fabric. Such type of fabric products have thick veins, being [...]

Unnoticeable Volunteers’ Pressure for 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games

A piece of photo from life of Guangzhou touched me when I read the news about the volunteers in Guangzhou Asian Games. In the photo, journalists pushing the safe fense are all raising their microphones to the champion for some words, while just under the hands and microphones, a volunteer in green and white crouching [...]