Inflatable Jumps

Product Name: manufacturer
NO.: GC-19
Size(Meter): 4.2mL × 3.2mW
Size(Foot): 13ftL x 10.5ftW
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The colour of the elephant inflatable bouncer is made nicely. The roof and four poles of the house are grey, and the enclosure walls of the inflatable house are green. When people have a first sight at the inflatable bouncer, they can feel the natural atmosphere is coming towards them. They appear to get into a rainforest. As for children, the animal inflatable bouncer can be a kind of learning tool, which children can learn all kinds of animal knowledge from this fun inflatable bouncer. Many children who live in the modern society probably only have seen animal in the zoo. All round them are piles of electronic or mechanical animals, which are operated by software and programs. But the elephant inflatable bouncer gives them another chance to get close to the nature. The elephant inflatable bouncer is simple to be used. It is especially suitable to kids at the young age. Many toddlers like to play in the elephant inflatable bouncer, which does not only provide toddlers a playing mat, but also can help them to learn all kinds of basic movements, such as walking, crawling and jumping. This elephant inflatable bouncer will leave toddlers many unforgettable good memories in their childhood. When children play in the inflatable bouncer, it is necessary for the adults to be supervisors at side so as to prevent any accidents from happening.

1. High Durability, UV-Resistance, Fire resistant, waterproof and NO Lead.
2. Materials: Commercial 18oz PVC coated Tarpaulin.
3. Commercial Double stitching throughout the unit with triple/quadruple stitching in key areas inside the base of the unit. Extra webbing reinforcements on all the stress points and interior panels.
4. Certification: CE, EN14960, ISO, ASTM and conform to Australian standard.
5. Size and color can be customized.
6. Printing: customer's name, phone and logo are welcomed
7. Come with air blower, repair kit and storage bag.