Inflatable Castles for sale

Inflatable Jumps

Product Name: Inflatable Castles for sale
NO.: GC-21
Size(Meter): 5.5L×5.5W×4.5H
Size(Foot): 18ftLx18ftWx15ftH
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The smiling clown face inflatable house is made with cheerful colours, yellow and orange. The inflatable house is made with bright yellow roof and enclosure walls. The inflatable mattress of the house is made into orange. The inflatable smiling clown face is hanging in the middle of the front arch at the entrance. This clown head also is decorated with three clusters of light brown hair. On the both sides of the arch at the entrance imprint with two clown pictures, which are in blue and pink. This inflatable house is adopted with semi-open structure. There isn’t any enclosure at the entrance; the other three sides of the house are enclosed with mediate-high walls, and the upper parts of the walls are open and hollow. The roof of the inflatable castle is made of a thin level of PVC plastic. It is airy in the summer, when children bounce on the inflatable house. This smiling clown face inflatable house is very suitable as sleepover, playhouse and mattress for children. This smiling clown face inflatable house not only fits the big events, but also can be used as children’s daily amusement toy. The clown face is so cute and funny that children definitely will love it and regard it as their daily toy or hanging decoration. When children feel unhappy, the adult can erect it up and let bouncing smile swept their sadness.

1. High Durability, UV-Resistance, Fire resistant, waterproof and NO Lead.
2. Materials: Commercial 18oz PVC coated Tarpaulin.
3. Commercial Double stitching throughout the unit with triple/quadruple stitching in key areas inside the base of the unit. Extra webbing reinforcements on all the stress points and interior panels.
4. Certification: CE, EN14960, ISO, ASTM and conform to Australian standard.
5. Size and color can be customized.
6. Printing: customer's name, phone and logo are welcomed
7. Come with air blower, repair kit and storage bag.