Inflatable Pony-Hop Racer


Product Name: Inflatable Pony-Hop Racer
NO.: GSP-113
Size(Meter): 15mLx7mWx4.3mH
Size(Foot): 49ftLx23ftWx14ftH
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GSP-112 GSP-114

Inflatable pony-hop racer is an inflatable game, which is made up of the inflatable racing track field and inflatable ponies. Inflatable racing track field is designed in the western American cultural background. Cowboy pictures, inflatable gun and amusing colours do display joyful atmosphere for all players. The rule of the game is very understandable. Players should ride on their own inflatable pony, start from the beginning line and hop to the other side—finish line. Each path isn’t set in a particular location, and there is obvious straight line for players to follow with, so they have to judge the racing hoping track by their eyes in the competing process. Player who can get to the finish line faster with fewer mistakes will be a winner. Inflatable pony-hop racer will be many parents’ good helper, because it is not only the happiness source for toddlers, but a simple and easy-to-learn sport for them to get more exercises.

1. High Durability, UV-Resistance, Fire resistant, waterproof and NO Lead.
2. Materials: Commercial 18oz PVC coated Tarpaulin.
3. Commercial Double stitching throughout the unit with triple/quadruple stitching in key areas inside the base of the unit. Extra webbing reinforcements on all the stress points and interior panels.
4. Certification: CE, EN14960, ISO, ASTM and conform to Australian standard.
5. Size and color can be customized.
6. Printing: customer's name, phone and logo are welcomed
7. Come with air blower, repair kit and storage bag.