Inflatable Joust

inflatable Joust

Product Name: Inflatable Joust
NO.: GSP-101
Size(Meter): 7.6mL x 7.6mW x 1.2mH
Size(Foot): 25ftL x 25ftW x 4ftH
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In the center of blue, yellow and red inflatable battling arena, two inflatable standing-ups are made for two players to have a fight with their inflatable hammers. Whoever is pushed down to the inflatable arena will lose the game, so players must learn how to avoid of being hit and falling down. Players have to wear inflatable helmets to protect their heads. Inflatable joust is a very exciting game. If two players must use violence to solve their problems, they can get on to the inflatable arena and have an inflatable fight. After the game, their problems may be solved, at the same time, they get exercise training as well.

1. High Durability, UV-Resistance, Fire resistant, waterproof and NO Lead.
2. Materials: Commercial 18oz PVC coated Tarpaulin.
3. Commercial Double stitching throughout the unit with triple/quadruple stitching in key areas inside the base of the unit. Extra webbing reinforcements on all the stress points and interior panels.
4. Certification: CE, EN14960, ISO, ASTM and conform to Australian standard.
5. Size and color can be customized.
6. Printing: customer's name, phone and logo are welcomed
7. Come with air blower, repair kit and storage bag.